She will charm you with her rare natural beauty. Her character and personality will seduce you. She’s a real beauty queen: Corsica.

We recognize a beauty queen by her, well, of course, outstanding BEAUTY. Corsica’s landscapes have been shaped by the winds, the sea, and time. Discover the majestic cliffs, the sumptuous beaches, the pristine mountains, and the sparkling waters that make Corsica the beauty queen of vacation destinations. Paradise on earth exists. Corsica is an island off the south-eastern Mediterranean coast of France, known worldwide as the “Island of Beauty.”

An outstanding outdoor playground

Corsica is an exceptional outdoor playground. It’s the perfect setting for your favorite recreation. It’s where the mountains meet the sea. A multitude of breathtaking views awaits your efforts (and of course, your moments of relaxation too). Ride along the coastal roads or hike the paths along the cliffs over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. For the most part, the terrain of Corsica is mountainous. About two-thirds of the Island consists of a massif that divides the island on a northwest-to-southeast axis. Corsica has a cluster of 20 peaks exceeding 6,500 feet (2,000 meters). There are seasonally torrential rivers that start in the mountains and wind their way through impressive gorges. When in the mountain regions of Corsica you will discover a paradise of sparkling waters and granite.

corsica mountains


With over 1000 kilometers of coastline, one is amazed by the diversity of seascapes. From white sandy bays to large stretches of stone or black sand coasts, color changing cliffs that fall into crystal waters to postcard-perfect fishing ports, the “Beauty Island” is well dressed.

black sand beach in corsica


Corsica enjoys an exceptional climate all year round. The sea and mountains combine to regulate temperatures throughout the year, resulting in a climate that is warm and dry in the summer while remaining mild in the winter. This is perfect for an active adventure such as cycling or hiking.

An exceptional local heritage

Her beauty is timeless. Corsica harbors an outstanding array of biodiversity preservation initiatives: its six nature reserves, both marine and coastal, cover close to 200,000 acres. These various protected areas provide shelter to distinctively Mediterranean species of fauna and flora. They also contribute to the region’s economic development by safeguarding traditional industries, like small-scale fishing, and encouraging new activities that respect natural habitats, such as wildlife tourism. There is a real effort to keep Corsica exceptional.


reserve naturelle bouches de bonifacio

“Bouches de Bonifacio” Nature Reserve


A beauty queen is not just a pretty face. And Corsica is not just a pretty postcard – it also has personality. She stands out.  Discover the authentic lifestyle, traditions, and a one of a kind local gastronomy. The island offers a lot of dishes inspired by fresh and tasty Mediterranean products locally grown (tomatoes, zucchini, figs…) but being an island means specifics. Livestock are raised on local herbs and plants, giving their meat a special texture. Not to mention the fish and seafood such as their renowned lobster. You will discover plenty of original dishes.


Local products of Corsica

Local products of Corsica


The harmony between winegrowers and Corsica’s soil creates expressive wines. There are over 9 certified regional wine regions in Corse, and two wine star regions of Corsica are part of Discover France’s bike tours.

See the landmarks of an exceptional historical heritage. The earliest Corsican inhabitants date from around 3000BC; they left impressive menhirs or standing stones, carved with staring faces, which can still be seen at Filitosa. Greeks, Romans, Genoa, British, French…history continues with a succession of colonization, invasions, and each culture left its mark on Corsica’s culture. What remains is an original personality unique to Corsica.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And the beauty queen, Corsica is no exception. You must see for yourself!


Aleria, an ancient Roman city

Aleria, an ancient Roman city


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