Tackling the Col de la Columbiere

We had a huge riding day today, with one big climb up the Col des Aravais and one BIG climb up the Col de la Columbiere! It’s 17 kilometers averaging just under a 7-percent grade. The steepest part is around 10-percent, so it’s not a climb for the faint of heart. Our VIP Alpes group did an awesome job getting to the Col. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to pedal up something so steep for so long… definitely more than an hour… It’ll be a climb everybody will remember for a long time. The Coca Cola (regular and diet!) was the biggest hit of the day during our breaks. Fuel of champions!

It’ll be really cool to see the Tour riders climb Columbiere tomorrow. They might go a bit faster (but they won’t have as much fun)!

Tomorrow is another VIP Day for our group. We get to go to the start village to watch the teams sign in, maybe meet a few of our favorite riders, then cheer as the peloton take off from Morzine. All in all, another great day at the Tour de France. Wish you were here!

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