Numbers of the Tour de France 2011

2011 Tour de France’s “number game”

Six mountain stages, four mountain finishes, unpublished fifteen cities, the highest finish in history, here are the figures to be in the Tour de France 2011.

Translated from–1955

0. No second bonus will be awarded to the intermediate sprints or stage finishes. The actual time will remain the gold standard.

1. The number of foreign countries crossed by the Tour de France, which Italy will go through July 20 and 21 with an arrival and departure at Pinerolo.

2. The number of days rest prescribed the Tour de France, held on Monday July 11 and 18, respectively, in the Cantal Lioran station and in the department of Drome in Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux.

4. The number of arrivals at altitude: Luz-Ardiden (12th stage), Plateau de Beille (14th stage), Galibier serre-Chevalier (18th stage) and Alpe d’Huez (19th stage).

4. The number of jerseys awarded during the Tour de France: Yellow (overall), Green (points classification), Red poke-a-dot (mountain classification) and White (young rider classification).

5. Le Grand Depart 2001 Vendee is the fifth of its kind after 1976 (Saint-Jean-de-Monts), 1993 (Le Puy du Fou), 1999 (Le Puy du Fou), and 2005 (Fromentine).

6. The number of mountain stages of the Tour 2011.

8. The number of turns that runners will perform as a final on the legendary circuit of the Champs-Elysees in Paris, after a parade through the streets of the capital.

15. The number of new stop-cities in 2011: Blaye-les-Mines, Cape Freels, Carhaix Carmaux Cugnaux, Galibier Serre-Chevalier, Limoux, Modane Mont des Alouettes, wall-de-Bretagne, Olonne sur Mer Passage du Gois, Pinerolo, Redon and Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux.

23. The number of miles in team time trial on Sunday, July 3.

23. The appropriate number of passes to cross during the month of July 2011: 4 Massif Central, 9 in the Pyrenees and 10 in the Alpes. This is two fewer than in 2009.

34. The number of French departments crossed during the Tour de France 2011.

38. The number of departure cities and towns of the 2011 arrivals, out of 42 possible!Only the cities Dessessart, Gap, Pinerolo and Grenoble will receive both a departure and an arrival.

41. The number of miles during the timed single-cons of the individual time trial course, organized around Grenoble Saturday, July 23. The team time will bring the total number of timed kilometers of the Tour to 64.

98. The number of the edition of the Tour de France 2011. Great Loop was born in 1903.

100. The 2011 Tour de France will mark the centennial of the climb of the Col du Galibier. The mountain pass will be scaled twice in twenty-four hours apart in the 18th and 19th stages.

109. In miles, the shortest stage of the Tour 2011, Modane-Alpe d’Huez, played Friday, July 22 and including the ascent of the Galibier by the Telegraph.

226. In kilometers, the longest stage of the Tour de France 2011, Dinan-Lisieux, organized Thursday, July 7.

2645. In meters, the elevation of the Col du Galibier, whose arrival unprecedented summit Thursday, July 21 will mark the highest stage finish ever on the Tour de France.

2744. Meters, the elevation of the roof of the Tour de France 2011, Col d’Agnel Franco-Italian, to climb the galibier between Pinerolo and Thursday, July 21.

3471. In kilometers, the total distance of the 98th Tour de France, which includes twenty-one steps and two days off.

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