Holiday “Must-Tastes”

French Holiday Delicacies

When it comes to fine food and delectable cuisine, the French certainly know a thing or two.  From escargot to Coq au Vin to mouthwatering pastries and perfectly aged cheese, a trip to France is always a delicious gastronomical journey.  The holidays are no exception, as highly anticipated traditional dishes make their appearances at parties and feasts to the delight of hungry guests.  Here are just a few of the many French holiday delicacies that top the “must-taste” list.

Foie Gras

This incredibly savory dish is made from the liver of either a goose or duck that has been specially fattened by what’s known as gavage, or force-feeding.  It’s considered to be a holiday delicacy because it’s a luxury that is only consumed on special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s.  Foie Gras is prepared a variety of different ways and can be served either hot or cold.  It’s typically made into a mousse, parfait, or pâté, which is served with bread or sometimes as an accompaniment to a main dish, such as steak. Whichever way it’s prepared foie gras offers a rich, flavorful taste and spectacular aroma.   Once you taste it, you’ll understand why it’s such a coveted dish in France and throughout the world.


France happens to be the largest oyster producer in all of Europe, and the fourth largest in the world.  That’s why it’s somewhat surprising that nearly half of the annual oyster production is consumed during the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s.  When it comes to seasonal delicacies, oysters are at the top of the list for the French.  There are two species and seven regional varieties of oysters that are harvested in France and each is equally as delicious.  They are typically paired with a white wine or Champagne that is meant to complement and enhance the unique flavors of the shellfish.  If you’re looking for an opportunity to taste one of these delectable little morsels you needn’t worry.  They are served just about everywhere you can dine throughout the country.


What visit to France would be complete without a taste or two of the fine wine produced there?  Sauternes is a delightfully palatable white wine that hails from the Bordeaux region.  It’s got a distinctly sweet and delicate flavor and is quite expensive, which only adds to its appeal.  Its price is also one of the reasons it’s considered to be a holiday delicacy.  Sauternes is paired perfectly with foie gras because the flavors balance one another so well.   It also goes well with lobster and fish and makes an excellent dessert wine by itself.  One sip will reveal just why this wine is considered to be such a holiday treat.


France has long been known for their sophisticated cooking and delectable cuisine.  During the holiday season this fact is accentuated even more with the incredible delicacies that begin to make their annual appearances on tables throughout the country.  From delicious duck or goose pâté to sumptuous shellfish to exquisite wine, visitors are in for a culinary treat when they spend the holidays in France.