Meursault : one of Burgundy’s finest wines

Cheers to Meursault !

Located in the heart of the Burgundy wine region, Meursault offers all the charm and enchantment that France has become known for. From beautiful scenery to rich history to delectable dining and fine wines, there is more than meets the eye in and around this lovely place. If you’re looking for something to do, see, taste and experience, the Meursault area is a must-visit destination.

Meursault village
The village of Meursault

Meursault is an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) that is located a mere 7 km from the beautiful town of Beaune. This quaint old village is home to the famous Hotel Dieu, once the spot of a hospital back in the 15th century, and still remarkably well-preserved. There is a lot of fascinating history in Beaune, from the ancient walls surrounding the area to the medieval buildings found scattered throughout, including a 12th century clock tower. It’s a fantastic place to cycle through or enjoy a leisurely stroll.  There are also plenty of shops and restaurants to visit and get a true feel of the Burgundy region.

Beaune -  The Hospices
Beaune – The Hospices

Why is Meursault so famous?

Perhaps what Meursault is best known for, as are many Burgundy towns and villages, is the exquisite fine wine that is produced there. While there are a handful of red varieties, the vast majority (nearly 98%) of the wine that comes out of Meursault is white.  To put it into perspective, of the 2.5 million bottles produced in Meursault annually, less than 50,000 bottles are red wine.

Meursault vineyards
Meursault vineyards

There are several classifications, or climats, of wine in Meursault which are generally divided into Northern and Southern. Many of these are highly regarded Premier Cru, which is the second-highest classification level of wine, rated below that of Grand cru but above the basic village AOCs. There are five climats in the north which make up Santenots, and four climats in the south of the commune. The resulting wines typically exhibit an oak influence and are often described as “buttery”.

If you’re visiting Meursault at the end of the grape harvest, you’re in for a treat. This is when the La Paulée de Meursault is celebrated; a spectacular luncheon tradition that began in the mid 1920’s and was once exclusive to winemakers, cellar workers, and those who lived in the surrounding community. Today the event has grown to become an international wine festival which includes a formal dinner at the Clos de Vougeot as well as a charity auction. The event is organized and run by the grandson of Count Lafon, who was the original event organizer.

Even if wine isn’t your forte, you’re certain to enjoy a visit to this charming little town. Experience the heart of the Burgundy region with its rich, fascinating history, unmatched cultural pride and heartwarming picturesque landscapes. Meursault is the perfect place to relax, unwind and explore the beautiful French countryside, while sipping a good glass of wine !

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