Gary “It was a most enjoyable and memorable adventure !”

Our guest Gary sent us this amazing review about the Pyrenees & Paris VIP Tour he had last year. We are very pleased to see how much he enjoyed this special tour. Hope to see you soon again Gary !

I am Gary from Australia that was on the Pyrenees & Paris VIP Tour in 2014. I have been thinking and thinking about that trip, I really struggle to suggest anything that could improve it, honestly! Unless you can control the weather? No seriously, it was a most enjoyable and memorable adventure.


The motel we stayed in at Bagnierre was perfect, the motel in Paris was perfect, you and the other guides were incredibly helpful and patient, the restaurants we were taken to were a great insight into the French foods of that area, the picnics you guides organised were always outstanding, the bikes we had were excellent, the rides were just amazing. I have recommended Discover France to all of my cycling friends who are contemplating trips to follow the Tour.




The highlights were the whole thing! But I guess if I had to pick just one out it was the chance to ride to the finish at Luchon. Really, as I said the whole tour was for me just one long highlight. So much so that I am looking forward to repeating the adventure by doing an Alps tour in 2016 with you guys. My only concern in 2016 is that the Alps will be in the middle weeks of the Tour de France and Discover France usually only does 5 days at this time – I would love to do more! Anyway, that is some time away yet, but I am certainly hoping I can make it with you guys.


Once again, thanks for everything, it was a most memorable trip for all the right reasons,