French Romance

French is the language of love; Paris is the city of love.  Planning a honeymoon trip, special getaway, and special anniversary? France is the place for romance.

vineyards couple

French: Language of love

The romance of the French language is actually enshrined within the word ‘romance’ itself.  It brings to mind people of an ancient civilization where people wore sandals and drapes. The Romans conquered far and wide. And as they took control of western civilization, their language spread.

The Romans spoke Latin.  It was far from a language of love and rather a powerful influence. As the Romans took over Gaul (the area known today as France), people liked the sound of it and started mixing it into the language they were already speaking. So Latin started to vary. This they called “romanice”.  It was also a language that could be written.  Stories began to take shape and recorded.  They liked fairy tales and battle stories (umm sounds a lot like today’s descendants).  Romanice became “romanz “ and a romanz story involved chivalry.  The z finally dropped and a “French Roman” had nothing to do with a civilization. It is a romantic tale.

But it is how the French use their language that makes it so romantic. In France, flirting is an art. It differs from flirting in other parts of the world as it’s not always the result that counts. French flirting is a game! The French are very light-hearted and love to make people laugh. Flirting is an art of communicating.

Learning to flirt à la mode française means learning how to be quick and witty. What seems like a normal conversation is actually subtle wooing.  For example,

Je peux vous offrir un verre ? Can I offer you a drink?

Un verre in French means not only a glass but also a drink. To offer to buy someone un verre is the equivalent of offering to buy them a drink. The universal language of romance, isn’t it?

Paris: Lover’s Paradise

All the clichés of Paris conjure images of romance and Paris as a lover’s paradise. You can almost hear the accordion music in the background while sitting in a café terrace contemplating the people as they walk by or simply gaze into each other’s eyes.

You can stroll the cobbled streets hand in hand and pause for a long deep French kiss on a picturesque bridge that crosses the Seine River.  Snuggle close on a garden bench in one of the many beautiful gardens.  Admire the skyline together from atop the Eiffel tower or Notre Dame. Wine and dine in the world’s gastronomic capital.

Romantic Rides

But love doesn’t stop at Paris.  France is the emblem of romance.  Just take some romantic rides through the French countryside and admire the beautiful landscapes for to find out for yourselves.  A bicyclette you can stop when you please. You are on equal footing, no one has to drive.  If something pleases you share it with each other.

And isn’t love all about your journey together? Discover new places, amazing sites, make memories together.

picture by Kevin and Amanda during their "The Most Beautiful Villages of France Tour", Midi Pyrenees region
picture by Kevin and Amanda during their “The Most Beautiful Villages of France Tour”, Midi Pyrenees region