10 types of people you will find on French beaches

Summer is finally there ! Whether you are on a family vacation or on a romantic gataway with you beloved one, you probably want to spend some time relaxing on a gorgeous sandy beach. Luckily France has many different coastlines, from the luxury Mediterranean beaches to the surfs spots of the Atlantic.

But no matter where you are, you are likely to meet the same “species” of beach people all around France. From the sun tan addicted to the super fashion girl, here are the most common :

#1 – the sun tan lovers

They worship the Sun and spend their day laying on their deckchair, barely moving, no matter if they get a second degree burn !

sun tan

#2 – the sunscreen maniac

The opposite of the sun tan lovers, they always carry at least three different types of sunscreen in their bag, just in case…


#3 – the happy family

They are so happy to be on their family vacation ! They seem cute, but wait untill one of the kids starts crying for some impossible reason… If you are looking for some rest be careful !

#4 – the show off guy

He’s not a bad person, he just needs the world to see how fit he is, so he tries to impress everybody with his biceps. Probably the most annoying person you will meet during the day !

show off

#5 – the fashionista

You are more likely to see her in Saint Tropez or Cannes. She wears Chanel even at the beach, reading Vogue and wearing extremely oversized sunglasses. She spends the day posting photos of her legs on Instagram #IloveStTropez


#6 – the stressed CEO

IPhone in one hand and a tennis bat in the other, he’s there without “really” being there. The first thing he does while arriving on the beach is checking where the closest wi-fi connexion is.

stressed ceo 2

#7 – the teenager who doesn’t want to be there

He was forced to go on holiday with his parents and his 5 years old sister and he hates that. He spends the day sticking on his IPad / IPod / Nintendo, anyway nobody understants him, especially his parents.


#8 – the sport fanatic  

He just can’t stop. He started at 6 am with some jogging, than swimming, playing ping pong, playinig beach tennis, scuba diving, snorkeling, went parachuting and parascending and now he wants to play pétanque…

sport lover

#9 – the complaining guy

This guy has to complain about everything, anythime. It’s too hot or too cold, too windy, there are too many kids, the food was awful at the beach restaurant, the water is too cold, those people are too close to him… No matter what happens he doesn’t like it ! Hopefully they are extremely rare, so if you spot one, just do not seat nearby !


#10 – the cyclist