Fondue and Raclette : So Cheesy !

Fondue or Raclette – Mouth Melting Cheesy

The whole world knows that the French know how to produce a great cheese. But did you know they also know how to throw a great dinner party using some of their best cheeses as the centerpiece? Here are two hot cheese specialties that will entertain you. Fondue or Raclette:  two mouth melting French/Swiss cheese specialties that create a special social moment.


This recipe from the French and Swiss Alps is great for bringing together a group of friends for fun times and good food. It combines the best basics of French food:  wine – cheese – bread. Each guests dips their bread that is speared on a long fork into a wonderful mixture of hot melted cheese served in a marmite, trying not to waste a drop. Tradition has it that if you drop your bread into the marmite, you have to answer to a dare.

What you need for a cheese fondue :

-Bread (French of course) cut into bite sizes

-Garlic clove to rub on the sides of the cooking pot

-Cheese: Beaufort, Comté, Gruyere, Emmental that is flaked, or shredded

-A glass of white wine, we recommend a white wine from Savoie such as an Apremont or Abymes.

Melt together in a melting pot whose sides have been rubbed with garlic a third Beaufort cheese, a third Comté cheese, and a third of Gruyere or Emmental cheese with a glass of white wine. (Oh, you thought the glass of wine was to sip while waiting for the cheese to melt!)

Add a bit of truffle or some mushrooms to the melt, and you get an even more gastronomic meltdown !



This is another way to enjoy hot French cheese with good company. The name refers to the type of cheese used and not for the spatula used to rake the melted cheese. This delicious specialty has withstood time, prepared since the 1200s by herders who melted the cheese in the evenings over their campfire and spread the melted portions onto bread or potatoes for a hearty meal at the end of a long day. You too can enjoy this specialty after a long day on the bike.


Raclette cheese is melted on a machine that gradually heats a large portion of the round, then you can scrape off the melted part.  Or there exists an electric table top grill that lets each person place a sliced portion of raclette onto individual melting dishes. Each person grills their own portion. The melted cheese is served over steamed potatoes, cold meat cuts, or for a lighter more original version: broccoli, cauliflower, or cherry tomatoes.

Discover a delicious cheese moment on one of our French Alp tours. A wonderful reward after burning all those calories on the mountain passes!