5 Reasons to Go Self-Guided

Self-Guided Travel Just Makes Sense!

Whether it be for relaxation or wild adventure, traveling is good for the soul. There’s something about seeing new places, tasting unique dishes and experiencing different cultures that helps clear the mind and heighten the senses.  One of the greatest ways to experience travel is the self-guided way.  With affordable prices and a multitude of options, Discover France offers sophisticated travelers flexibility, support, and independence.

Still not convinced?  Here are five compelling reasons to go self-guided on your next travel adventure!

Freedom and Control

Self-guided travel allows you to choose your own dates so that they fit with your busy schedule. You control your journey using GPS, maps, cue sheets and road books leaving plenty of room for adventure and excitement that comes with tackling the unknown. Self-guided travel also gives you the freedom to choose your own travel partners so you won’t find yourself stuck traveling with strangers.



Unlike traditional tours which are scheduled for a specified number of days and dictate when and where activities are to take place, self-guided travel provides much more flexibility. You choose the number of days, type of hotel (3, 4 or 5 star or any combination) and tackle activities at your own pace. Start when you want, finish when you’re ready, eat whenever you choose. If you decide you’d like to stay at a particular site a bit longer, no problem.  There is also no risk of cancellation based on a minimum number of travelers not being reached.  Self-guided travel lets you set the pace of your trip and make whatever changes you choose as you go.


Self-guided travel allows you to experience many of the same things offered on guided tours but at much more reasonable prices. Prices typically include hotels, some meals, maps, travel/region information and luggage transfers and will vary based on the length of your trip and type of accommodations you choose. But because you aren’t relying on a travel guide, you’ll save a considerable amount of money in the end.



Although you are very much in control of your trip, self-guided travel still provides a great deal of support. For instance, your luggage is always transferred to your next hotel for you so you don’t have to worry about dragging heavy bags around. You’ll also receive orientation before you set off on your journey, on call support and emergency assistance. So although you are independent, you’re never completely alone.


One of the downsides to guided tours is that your experience with local culture is often cut short due to schedule and time constraints. Self-guided travel allows you to take your time and interact with the locals on a much more personal level. Many self-guided routes are specifically designed to bring travelers off the beaten path to small local towns and villages where the true culture and customs can be experienced and absorbed.


Guided tours are a wonderful way to see different places and experience new things, but many travelers feel restricted by set schedules and itineraries that they have no control over. Self-guided travel provides a solution to this by allowing travelers the freedom to set their own schedule, plan their own journey and experience things at a pace they are comfortable with.  And since self-guided tours offer the same quality, style, service, and comforts of guided trips, travelers receive a complete and affordable vacation with the added benefits of freedom, flexibility, support and independence!