June 21: World Music Day

The World Music Day, named « La Fête de la Musique » in French, takes place all around the world on the first day of summer, June 21st. Established in France in 1982, this festival is nowadays an unforgettable event you don’t want to miss!

If you want to dance, if you want to sing, if you want to laugh, this event is made for you. With friends or family, this festival is an opportunity to go out, have a good time, celebrating the music and the arrival of summer. The date of June 21 was chosen because most of the times it coincides with the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year, or the shortest night for those who wants to dance until dawn!

fête de la musique paris

Make some music!

The World Music Day promote two types of music. First, it encourages amateur musicians to perform in the streets and public spaces.

Many free concerts, given by professionals and amateurs, allow a wide public to have access to all kinds of music(classical, rap, electro, jazz, rock, reggae, salsa, world music, traditional music. . .). All day and all night, each city square is filled with music, and every alley resonates with various rhythms. Alongside the free shows and enthusiastic street concerts, paying concerts can also be organized, with various famous artists from all over the world.

fête de la musique

18 000 concerts in one night in France

“La Fête de la Musique” is one of the major events of the French summer. It brings almost 10 million people in the street the same night, and every year more concerts and events are organized! Restaurants and bars are most of the time full, you have to book your table at least one week before if you want to have the chance to eat facing a little concert.

This event was created by the French authorities in the ‘80s. The idea was to make music free and accessible to everyone and allow people discover new songs and rhythms. Today, the entire world is conquered by this event! After its success in France, the Music Day was adopted by over 100 countries around the 5 continents, creating an International Music Day.

fête de la musique 2
Now you know that the World Music Day is a unique event you don’t want to miss while in France this summer. After all, France is the country of music and art!

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