5 Reasons to Cycle in Alsace

5 Reasons to Cycle in Alsace

One of the smallest regions of France, although also densely populated, Alsace offers an amazing experience for tourists seeking a combination of ancient European culture, breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities second to none. Known worldwide for its picturesque villages which boast ancient churches and castles rich with history, Alsace is also famous for its populous vineyards and breweries.  Visitors to this region come to relax and unwind, enjoy some local food and spirits and experience some of the most beautiful settings in all of France.

One of the most popular activities of locals and tourists in Alsace is cycling. Here are five compelling reasons to grab your bike and join in.

The Terrain

There are 2,000 km of bike paths running through Alsace most of which run right alongside the Rhine. Trails run through both the mountains and the level plains of the region, allowing the opportunity for cyclists of any skill level to participate.

rhine river

The Vineyards

The Alsace region has been growing grapes and producing fine wines since the middle ages. With seven varieties of wine to choose from, including six white and one red, there is certainly something to please every wine drinker here. Consider cycling the Alsace wine route and sampling a little of everything.


The Museums

There are some 250 museums to visit while in the Alsace region, serving a variety of different subjects and interests. A few worth mentioning include The Chocolate Museum, The Train Museum and The Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Vosges Mountains

Experienced riders will relish in the exhilarating climbing adventures that this area offers. With challenging terrain and extensive trails that border Germany, biking the Vosges Mountains will provide an experience not soon forgotten. This area is home to the Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg, a medieval castle that has been destroyed and rebuilt several times since the 12th century.  It is rich with ancient history and offers some of the most amazing views in the Alsace region.  The Vosges Mountains are also home to Mont St. Odile, a spiritual shrine named after Saint Odile, a Patron Saint of Alsace.  Visitors come to meditate, worship and just experience the traditions carried on by the nuns and other worshippers for centuries.



The political, economical and cultural capital of Alsace, Strasbourg embodies what this region is all about. Cycle over to Grand Ile, the city’s center, or visit the Strasbourg Cathedral. Offering a taste of history, culture, and heritage of the people who reside in this region, a visit to Strasbourg is a must for any tourist.


The region of Alsace offers some of the most amazing experiences for tourists, especially cyclists who are seeking adventure while also experiencing rich culture and history. And it’s certainly no secret – Alsace attracts nearly eleven million tourists annually, from all over the world. The list above offers just a few of the many reasons you should grab your own bike and experience it for yourself. It’s sure to be an unforgettable ride!