The Peaceful Experience of Flowing Waters

Update on travel conditions and 3 cycling tours alongside flowing waters

We have been fortunate in France to see that the measures taken during the lockdown period were efficient. The contact tracing put in place by the government after deconfinement has been successful in isolating clusters. 

France recently opened up for travelers from the EU, and we hope international borders can open up soon. 

The wait can test our patience, but the definition of fast or slow depends on many things. Time seems to move at different paces in different places.
The peaceful experience of flowing waters

If you have ever seen canal boats, waiting for the locks to fill or empty, or waiting for other boats to go through… it can seem like time is standing still. 

Progress is slow and requires going through a number of locks before reaching the destination.  

We may not know our next destination yet, but cycling along slowly flowing waterways has a wonderfully calming effect. 

So without further ado, I invite you to daydream about cycling along the centuries-old Canal du Midi, or the even older Loire river.  I wish all of you a wonderful beginning of July, on the behalf of the whole Discover France team. 

Kind regards, 
Thomas Boutin
CEO – Discover France

Canal du Midi – From Carcassonne to Sete

Leaving Carcassonne, you will embark on a relatively easy cycling trip along the famous Canal du Midi to finish on the Mediterranean coast in Sete.

We include some key cities such as Narbonne and Beziers which offer important historical sites and are so typical of this southern French region.

On your way to Sete, you will stop in Cap d’Agde with its great beaches, perfect for relaxing.

Bordeaux to Toulouse – Canal de la Garonne

This cycling tour starts in the beautiful city of Bordeaux and moves on to explore the Canal du Midi, its vineyards, fine food, towns, and castles.

On your way, you will visit Cadillac and its Garonne river. You will then cycle to Marmande, home of a tomato variety.

Cycling next to the Canal de Garonne, under the canopy of the trees, is what really sets this tour apart. A peaceful experience in a unique environment. 

This cycling tour is 90% on cycling paths. 

Loire Valley Classic

This extended bike tour travels around all the famous and breath-taking castles near the Loire River in the Loire Valley. 

You will start in Villandry and its beautiful gardens, then continue on exploring the countryside between the Chambord Castle and Blois.

Riding mostly on cycling paths, you will have the opportunity to visit the picturesque city of Amboise, and the Chenonceau, Usse and Chambord castles among others. Not to mention tasting some Vouvray wine, also among others.

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